Islamic and Friendship Studies at Oberlin College

Introduction to the Qur’an, Spring 2018: A Formulation for Best-Best Relations

Iam teaching this course (RELG 272) for ten years now. Every year, thanks to fresh intellectual space that the course enjoys because of new students, together, we discover new layers of meaning in our Qur’anic studies. One specific theme that came up this year was what I call the Qur’anic formulation of applied friendship. It is not very complicated: The text suggests that we take its best advice as a roadmap for life, and in reciprocation, we will be dealt with according to our best deeds. The Best-Best formulation works at all dimensions including in the divine-human, human-human and human-environment relations. There are several Quranic verses that support this perspective unequivocally.

I need to thank all my Quran students for excellent class presence and conversations.


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