Islamic and Friendship Studies at Oberlin College

To Al Carroll, the Oberlin Paragon of Peacemaking

On May 3rd. 2018, Al Carroll an emeritus professor who has become a paragon of peacemaking in Oberlin received an art gift with is name in Persian calligraphy reading: “To our Great Friend Al Carroll.” Many students and all members of the Oberlin Friendship Circle and PACS wrote appreciation notes in the back of the art-work. Al Carroll deserves best of all appreciations for a life-time of peace-making, a model for any peacemaker to look up to. Live long Al! We need many more people like you!

J. Mahallati

Bellow is Al’s Response to all members of the Oberlin Friendship Circle:

Dear Friends,

Thank all of you so much for your wonderful surprise gift of Persian calligraphy, and with so many delightful and thoughtful notes on the back.  My apologies for not feeling up to attending the group dinner on Tuesday evening.  My greatest pleasure since returning to my alma mater, Oberlin College, fifteen years ago has been to continue to learn with Oberlin faculty and students about the global concerns of peace and friendship.   We all live on this beautiful planet together, and no matter whether we are eighteen or eighty, we all need to bond in friendship to work to make our world a better place for all of our sisters and brothers

In deep friendship,
Al Carroll
O.C. 1958

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