Islamic and Friendship Studies at Oberlin College

Daniel Weintraub’s Friendship Resolution

WHEREAS, Friendship exceeds all other means of promoting social harmony and societal cohesion.


WHEREAS, Friendship is blind to differences of class, race, gender, sexuality, religion, and all other means of separation.


WHEREAS. Friendship, when promoted at an early age, shields children from the biases of their parents


WHEREAS, Friendship, more than anything else, has the potential to eradicate the negative forces which arise from the differences stressed hitherto.


WHEREAS, friendship goes beyond human relationships, and may be the only thing strong enough to connect the people of the world to the land in which we live, and promote environmental justice.


WHEREAS, friendship is the strongest force in the world to promote solid, lasting peace among nations.


WHEREAS, Friendship cultivates essential human qualities of self-confidence, self-image, security. fairness, righteousness, excitement, compassion, and love.


WHEREAS, friendship, and nothing else, may protect us from the epidemic of loneliness.


WHEREAS, the globalization of an American National Day of Friendship can change the image of the United States Abroad and there can serve as a powerful leverage in our foreign affairs, and


WHEREAS, the City of Oberlin has a long tradition of promoting diversity, equality, fairness and friendship.


NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the City of Oberlin, County of Lorain, State of Ohio, a majority of all members elected thereto concurring:


Section 1. That the Council of the City of Oberlin shall institute friendship education in all public schools from Pre-K up through high school, including a friendship requirement for graduation(s).


SECTION 2. That this friendship will take the form of the highest possible mixing of age, school, levels of learning, etc. And that if possible, Oberlin School students shall meet with students outside of Oberlin, thereby serving as ambassadors of friendship.


SECTION 3: That the Council of the City of Oberlin shall convene to discuss the possibility of introducing of economic incentives to those who contribute to institutionalizing friendship in Oberlin.



SECTION 4: That the Council of the City of Oberlin acknowledges that Oberlin College, a pioneering American Institution of higher education in promoting education civil liberties, has already celebrated a Friendship Day Festival on April 8th 2010, and therefore has made a historic precedent.
SECTION 5: That the Council of the City of Oberlin hereby expresses support for the designation of April 8th 2011, as the American National Day of Friendship.


SECTION 6: It Is found and determined that all formal actions of this council concerning or relating to the adoption of this Resolution were adopted in an open meeting of this Council and that all deliberations of this Council and of any of its committees that resulted in such formal action, were in meetings open to the public in compliance with all legal requirements, including Section 121.22 of the Ohio Revised Code.


SECTION 7: That this Resolution shall be in full force and effect from and after the earliest period allowed by law.

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