Islamic and Friendship Studies at Oberlin College

Ella’s Friendship Resolution

WHEREAS, a culture of promoting friendship is necessary in maintaining a happy, healthy, and ethical community; and


WHEREAS, friendship can mend conflicts to inspire the creation of new relationships with people who holding common interests, identities and/or experiences; and


WHEREAS, friendship helps establish solidarity between people of different identities to develop a mutual understanding of varying experiences; and


WHEREAS, Oberlin has historically promoted a sense of unity through friendship that deserves recognition through a recognized holiday; and


WHEREAS, while many friendships transcend identity, identity can also hold great importance in the depth of certain friendships to further one’s understanding of how they operate in the world; and


WHEREAS, a deeper understanding of friendship that transcends distancing factors such as geography, frequency of communication, language, and other factors that perpetuate social separation; and


WHEREAS, we understand friendship as an essential element to move towards peace, with peace being understood as a process as argued by Oelsner.


This resolution seeks to serve as a symbol of friendship’s importance in Oberlin, and to inspire the community to unite in search of social and personal fulfillment.

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