Islamic and Friendship Studies at Oberlin College

Friendship at the Allen: “Color Photograph of Sol LeWitt”

Before I had to duck out early on Thursday due to what turned out to be a bad spell of heat exhaustion, a particular image stood out to me: a framed portrait of a man, standing in a subway station. He is smiling, wearing a hat and glasses, and turned at an angle. While this picture was small, appearing around 4 by 6 inches in a much larger frame, to me it epitomizes friendship. It is not flashy or bold or particularly colorful. When I think about friendship, I do not think about the bold or flashy moments, but rather the little instances that build up into something bigger. To me, this photograph represents one of those small moments. A snapshot of a friend is something we have all taken, or have had taken in moments that are not of any particular significance. Eva may not have remembered taking this picture of Sol. Sol may not have been having any kind of day out of the ordinary. This picture, then, is reflective of the beautiful ordinariness that friendship needs in order to see itself through the hard times. The small moments are just as important as the big ones, but it is the small ones that we forget to capture and let slide by. Eva knew better.


I affirm I have adhered to the Honor Code on this assignment.

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