Islamic and Friendship Studies at Oberlin College

Friendship Resolution


WHEREAS, friendship creates the basis for safety, solidarity, and sanctuary; and


WHEREAS, friendship nurtures mental, emotional, creative and spiritual growth; and


WHEREAS, the commitment to honoring friendship in all its form, through communal celebration, strengthens and deepens friendship, community, and self; and


WHEREAS, friendship can be built, nurtured, and expressed through community and collaboration; and


WHEREAS, a celebration of friendship acknowledges, appreciates, and commemorate themes of love and support; and


WHEREAS, promoting art, music, and food at the celebration of friendship can help facilitate more powerful friendship; and


WHEREAS, creating opportunities for free art, music, and cooking events, workshops, and classes, can facilitate new forms on community; and


WHEREAS, making these opportunities regular, accessible, and intergenerationally-friendly shows commitment to the core elements of friendship; and


WHEREAS, teaching friends new skills promotes empathy, creativity, openheartedness, and passion; and


WHEREAS, gathering for shared music, art, and food can strengthen intimacy, community and human bond; and


WHEREAS, creating spaces for peoples’ passions and creativity expresses and creates room for respect, love, and care for one another; and


WHEREAS, nurturing community through collaborative art strengthens community; and


WHEREAS, we create spaces and celebrations for art, music, and food that are regularly open and showcasing work by the community; and


NOW, THEREFOR, I move to support the designation and celebration of April 8th as


in the City of Oberlin as well as within the international community, as well as the implementation of free spaces for art, music, and food, within the City of Oberlin throughout the year.

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