Islamic and Friendship Studies at Oberlin College

Friendship Resolution

Friendship Resolution

City of Oberlin

WHEREAS, The City of Oberlin has long recognized friendship as a concept promoted by all religious, ethical, and cultural traditions of the world, and has encouraged its citizens to engage in this peacemaking practice; and that friendship transcends all ideological and identity-based boundaries, encouraging solidarity in diversity; and

WHEREAS, The City of Oberlin has long designated the Eighth of April as National Friendship Day and encouraged the celebration of the practice through the Friendship festival; and

WHEREAS, The City of Oberlin and its residents recognize that peace is not an absence of violence, but rather a presence of pan-partisan justice actively participated in,

The CITY COUNCIL of OBERLIN hereby re-designates the Eighth of April as National Friendship Day, to be celebrates by remembering and practicing the virtues of friendship and peacemaking.

CITY COUNCIL simultaneously recognizes that friendship cannot be legislated and reminds its citizens that they must be the ones to enact and institutionalize friendship. CITY COUNCIL reminds its citizens that peacebuilding and friendship making is an everyday endeavor, not limited to one day, and that peacebuilding is not solely made up of friendship making. CITY COUNCIL thirdly recognizes that the converse of friendship building, division recognition, breaking or acceptance (as determined situationally), is equally as important to the peacebuilding process.

In recognizing this, we, CITY COUNCIL, move to create subsidized restorative justices services, available at low to no cost to all. This move will encourage year round division healing and friendship making, will benefit all community members, break punitive systems of violence and will contribute to our built and actively engaged peace.



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