Islamic and Friendship Studies at Oberlin College

Rachel’s Friendship Resolution


Rachel Wolchok

Friendship Resolution




WHEREAS, friendship is a virtue fundamental to religious, philosophical, ethical, and cultural traditions of the world; and


WHEREAS, friendship bridges the alienation of different ethnic, gender, political, and religious identities; and


WHEREAS, the designation of National Friendship Day is an effective first step in promoting friendship socially and politically; and


WHEREAS, friendship entails genuine care for others, mutuality, virtuousness, compassion, integrity, honesty; all of which are important to cultivating a friendly society, and;


WHEREAS, friendships grow and develop when they are rooted in commonalities such as goals, morals, values, and virtues; and


WHEREAS, communities that evolve to share a strong sense of friendship can work towards a central vision of society and actualize this ideal; and


WHEREAS, friendship encourages and inspires people to be the most virtuous and moral versions of themselves; and


WHEREAS, friendship embodies ideals of justice and morality, which are important to building a trustworthy community; and


WHEREAS, the establishment of an American National Day of Friendship will inspire a national, and hopefully global, essence and more positive approach to incorporating the values of friendship into politics; and


WHEREAS, Oberlin was founded as a utopia, to actualize the ideals of equality,  diversity, justice; all of which resemble the tenets of friendship; and


WHEREAS, friendship is necessary to unite the residents and students of Oberlin and overcome divides of identity and repair the apparent town-gown divide.


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the City of Oberlin, County of Lorain, State of Ohio, a majority of all members elected thereto concurring:


SECTION 1. That the Council of the City of Oberlin hereby expresses support for the designation of April 8, 2019, as the American National Day of Friendship.


SECTION 2. The Council that has designated National Day of Friendship and authored this resolution will promote friendship activities that will work to unify the College and the members of the town through city council planned events and activities. Such events could be centered around community service, as Plato and Aristotle view the strongest friendships to be those based in common views and goals. This will include teaching students in the elementary, middle, and high schools as well as the College about this resolution and raising awareness of aforementioned planned activities.


SECTION 3. That this Resolution shall be in full force and effect from and after the earliest period allowed by law.


PASSED: 1st Reading- April 3, 2019

2nd Reading-

3rd Reading-


I have adhered to the Honor Code in this assignment


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