Islamic and Friendship Studies at Oberlin College

RP 6

In the process of institutionalizing friendship, I think it would be very hard to start with government or state-based institutions. While those institutions should be included in the ultimate implementation of friendship on a national/international level, I think we must begin at an educational level. Starting in schools, we should educate children on the foundation of friendship, just as we do about the six pillars of character: respect, responsibility, friendship, caring, and citizenship. We should implement friendship alongside those pillars and dedicate certain lessons and days to specifically educating and practicing intentional friendship with children. From there, we ask children to begin practicing friendship in their households, in their neighborhoods, and in their communities. We encourage parents and families to take these ideas seriously and engage in the act of friendship with not only their child, but with each other as well.


As far as friendship resolutions, I found many of the resolutions posted on Blackboard interesting and wide-ranging in scope as well as what they include. I enjoyed comparing the specific points of emphasis between the many resolutions. I considered these resolutions, and what we have talked about in the class, in creating my own resolution. Here is what I came up with:


Proclamation: Friendship Resolution


In recognizing our understanding of ourselves as not simply individually-bound beings, but beings that form relationships and interdependency with other humans, animals, and our environment,


And in recognizing the many genders, cultures, languages, abilities, educational backgrounds, sexual expressions, religions, geographic boundaries, and colors that make up the multidimensionality of human existence,


And in recognizing the polarizing effects of the rise of nationalism, populism, xenophobia, technology, and loneliness that create and perpetuate divisions within our social fabric,


And in recognizing that friendship embodies honesty, integrity, compassion, respect, caring for human fellowship and many other individual and social virtues,


And in recognizing the deep philosophical history of friendship as not only an ideology, but as a mode of being,


We resolve to institutionalize friendship as integral to the cohesion and prosperity of our community by establishing this day, April 8, as [International/ National/ State/ County/ City] Friendship Day.

In addition, this resolution encourages an open dialogue around issues of justice, social morals, community conflicts, and family dynamics. Through this dialogue, this community hopes to address and challenge socialized conceptions of right and wrong, healings and harms, and socially-accepted and -promoted systems of oppression and imbalances of power that keepsus from engaging in deep friendship with all.

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