Islamic and Friendship Studies at Oberlin College

RP6: Guide to Friendship Activities in Oberlin, OH

Guide to Friendship at Oberlin

In a place new to so many people, it is important to have a resource of ways to bond with others. Oberlin constituted a National Day of Friendship, April 8, so this guide only seems fitting for a town with such vibrancy and diversity. This list of recommendations follows different ideologies based on each of the philosophers we have examined in this course.


May: Moving away from commerce-based activities

  1. Visit to the Arboretum
  2. Visit to the Frank Lloyd Wright House
  3. Visit to the Allen Memorial Art Museum
  4. Attending concerts
    1. Finney Chapel
    2. Cat in the Cream
    3. Folk Fest
    4. Dionysus Disco
  5. Making a book club
  6. Visiting Ginko’s kittens
  7. Pressing leaves in the autumn
  8. Collaging with old materials from Mudd
  9. Renting out a room in Mudd for a movie night
  10. Go to the Free Store/free bins around campus
  11. Arrange a clothing swap
  12. Bike the bike path to Lake Erie


Aristotle: virtuosity and common interests

  1. Volunteer together at Oberlin Community Service’s food pantry
  2. Join a volunteer group together
    1. Boys and girls club
    2. Girls in Motion
    3. Grafton Correctional Institution
  3. Join or lead an ExCo together
  4. Take classes together
  5. Attend visiting lectures together
    1. First Thursdays at the Allen
    2. Department specific events


Schwarzenbach: strengthening friendships

  1. Set up weekly check-ins
    1. Make sure to be there for one another
    2. Demonstrate care for each other
  2. Go to Empathy Café
    1. Build communication skills by practicing giving and receiving empathy
  3. Challenge each other to try new things
    1. Taking classes, joining clubs, going to new activities/events
  4. Join Friendship Circle


Confucianism: focus on moral improvement and support your friends’ growth

  1. Collage your own journals and journal together
    1. Can buy journals from Bead Paradise II or Ben Franklin’s
    2. Can buy collage and writing supplies from Ginko’s
  2. Set intentions and goals and make dates to check in on them
  3. Exercise together
    1. Free classes at Shanks Wellness Center
      1. Yoga, pilates, barre, swimming


Nehamas: art as the representation of friendship

  1. Visit the Allen Memorial Art Museum
  2. Visit the Cleveland Museum of Art
  3. Join the pottery co-op
  4. Make jewelry at Bead Paradise II
  5. Go to the knitting circle at Ben Franklin’s
  6. Make glass art at Verite
  7. Attend productions at Kander theater and Hall auditorium
    1. Opera
    2. Musicals
    3. Plays
  8. Attend concerts
    1. Oberlin orchestras
    2. Cleveland Orchestra
    3. Chamber ensembles
    4. Jazz forum
    5. Visiting artists
  9. Write poetry together


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