Islamic and Friendship Studies at Oberlin College

Santiago Roman’s Friendship Resolution Addendum

Santiago Roman

Friendship and Peacemaking

Professor Mahallati

April 4th 2019

Friendship Resolution Addendum

I hereby propose that the following addendum should be added to the city of Oberlin, Ohio’s Friendship Resolution:


WHEREAS in times of significant struggle, hardship, and proliferation of hate we will look toward true and veritable friendship, and all that it embodies: compassion, empathy, radical forgiveness, accountability, love, faith, duty, resistance, virtue, and adhere to these values to guide us toward a more positive future.




I feel strongly that the resolution overall made many great statements that encompassed many critical aspects of friendship, society, and politics on a local and even national and international level and therefor did not seek to completely rework the spirit of the document. However, I noticed that it was missing an acknowledgment of the drastic local, national, and international shifts that occurred post 2016 election. This shift brought with it a near dystopian relapse into fear, hate, and lack of understanding. If there was ever a time that the type of radical friendship we discuss and learn about in this class to be applied, and perhaps even institutionalized to combat these trends, it is now, which is why I believe this addendum is essential to a document that begs to reflect the living and adapting nature of its subject and context.

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